How to Sell your home in 30 days, Guaranteed!

Home and Property for Auction in Chickasha OK - United Country

5 Reasons why you should choose the Auction method to sell your property!

When you choose the Auction method to sell your home, land or property, you will immediately notice these 5 factors working in your favor to sell your home in 30 days for the highest price possible.

1.) Advertising is budgeted and compressed into a 30 day time frame. Since we know the home is going to be sold on a certain day, not in 180 days or whenever, all advertising is coordinated to accomplish a productive sale within 30 days.

2.) All prospective Buyers will be at the auction and thus will increase competition to purchase your home.

3.) Since the Buyers know your property is guaranteed to sell, this creates urgency in the Buyer. They can’t “wait you out” thinking you will eventually lower your asking price.

4.) Traditional sales methods begin with a high asking price and then have to work their way down. The Auction method begins with a low starting price and works its way higher creating excitement and motivating Buyers.

5.) There are no “Sale Contingencies” when you use the auction approach. No inspection and no appraisal worries! Plus, the Buyer is required to put down 10% of the final price, not $500 or $1000 dollars. Hence, the Buyer is incentivized to close the transaction, not give up and walk away.

Lippard Winkeljohn Real Estate is uniquely qualified to answer all your questions about the Pro’s and Con’s of both sales approaches. Due to our relationship with Lippard Auctioneers and our membership to the Enid Metro Association of Realtors, we are the only firm in Enid qualified in both sales approaches. Call Us Today and we will be happy to meet with you and see what method works best for you!